Thermal and Plasma Spraying

A number of safety issues should be considered when thermal and plasma spraying.

Thermal and Plasma Spraying

Potential hazards


The main safety concerns when using high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), a detonation gun and flame spraying, are those involved with the maintenance and use of high pressure fuel gas and oxygen gas systems.

The fuel gas is highly flammable and potentially explosive.

Electrical safety and UV radiation

With arc spraying and plasma spraying, other main concerns are electrical safety and UV radiation.

General hazards

With all thermal and plasma spraying processes, general potential hazards are presented by heat and intense glare from the flame, hot metal and equipment, and fume generation.

All of these hazards may be exacerbated when working in confined spaces or if working at height.

Workers should be aware of the potential hazards of each process and the means to avoid or control the risks.

Safety training and the adoption of safe working practices will help to minimise risk.

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