Pressure Systems Safety Compliance & Preventative Maintenance

The ONSTREAM service provides Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000) compliance & ongoing maintenance service for a safe, reliable and efficient operation

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BOC’s ONSTREAM service helps businesses who operate industrial gas pressure systems to ensure they are managed and maintained to comply with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000).  

Leveraging over 120 years of expertise working with pressure systems, ONSTREAM can help: 

  • Avoid serious harm to people and the environment by ensuring safe system design and operation 
  • Avoid prosecution, including fines and imprisonment by ensuring compliance with key requirements of PSSR 2000  
  • Prevent the loss of production by avoiding equipment failure 
  • Prevent financial loss by eliminating gas losses

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What to expect from us

  • Improved compliance is achieved through an Initial Pressure System Inspection 
  • Any identified problems will be highlighted on a remedial report 
  • A Written Scheme of Examination (WSE), is then produced 
  • Ongoing regular maintenance and examinations in accordance with the WSE tailored specifically to your systems 

Step-by-step guide to your compliance journey
A step-by-step guide to your compliance journey

How BOC has helped other customers...

BOC improved the operation of our argon gas pressure system by reducing downtime, eliminating leaks and resolving argon purity problems we were experiencing. Every year they inspect our systems and support us to ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient operation as well as help us achieve legal compliance
BOC helped us to reduce our gas consumption by 50%, and the gas is now delivered every 6 weeks instead of twice a week as it was previously. They also helped us design a bespoke pressure gas system which is efficient, safe and legally compliant

Shane Weston, Chief Chemist, Sheffield Forgemasters Steel Ltd

Lee Mangham, Operations Manager, Element Materials Technology Ltd

  • Who is ONSTREAM for?

    BOC’s ONSTREAM service is applicable for fixed industrial gas pressure systems ranging from simple systems with a single regulator and short distribution pipework to longer, more complicated systems with many control and outlet points. Even if your equipment is currently in poor condition, we can help you achieve proper system safety and hassle-free PSSR compliance while allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

  • Can BOC carry out an examination in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) if the WSE is provided by another party e.g. insurance company?

    BOC can only carry out an examination with a WSE that BOC has produced so that we can be confident it is valid and up-to-date. If you already have a WSE, don't worry, BOC can provide a WSE as an output of an Initial Pressure System Inspection.

  • What are my responsibilities as an owner and operator of a pressure system?

    As part of owning and using a pressure system, you have a duty to maintain, inspect and examine the system to ensure safety. If you need a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE), you have a legal duty to ensure that it is drawn up by a competent person, reviewed at appropriate intervals by a competent person and that the items included in the scheme are examined by a competent person at specified intervals.

  • What legislation and industry guidance does the annual Repeat Planned Preventative Maintenance (RPPM) service address?

    The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and specifically the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000) all have a requirement to prevent harm to people and carry out appropriate maintenance on equipment. The British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) states in its Code of Practice 39, that it is necessary that there is an appropriate on-going examination, maintenance and inspection regime to ensure the equipment remains safe throughout its in-service life.

  • Why do BOC replace pressure equipment parts rather than test them?

    BOC replace parts to ensure continuing safety, reliability and efficiency. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to replace a part than to test it.