Pinpoint Cylinder Management Service

A lab design, audit and reporting solution

Have you ever wondered whether the cylinders in your lab are at the right locations for safe and efficient operation?

Or would you know their current locations to inform the fire brigade if a fire were to accidentally break out in the lab? 

While you could manually track this information on a spreadsheet, would it not be safe and efficient to have a bird’s eye view of your lab with the locations of your flammable, toxic, oxidising and inert cylinders neatly shown in different colours for easy identification?

BOC’s Pinpoint is a cylinder management service that does just that and much more.

  • Best practice on lab design for gas using labs 
  • Design of manifolds and cylinder layout 
  • Audit for safe storage and use of cylinders 
  • Pictorial map of cylinder locations in your lab
  • Interactive map offering: 
    • Essential information about the cylinder 
    • Gas type 
    • Gas category - Flammable / Toxic / Oxidising/ Inert Cylinder user 
    • Customised information such as Project or Grant reference 
    • Alerts 
      • Regulator expiries 
      • Gas mixture expiries 
  • Report 
    • Incorrect and unsafe regulators, connectors and gas connections 
    • Opportunities for cylinder reduction

Safety, cost savings and accountability are at the heart of our service and our customers can’t stop talking about how beneficial the service is.

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