Equipment Service

A fundamental requirement of all Standards for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) in hospitals is that all components should be under a “systematic programme of preventative maintenance”, and that this should only be carried out by trained and qualified personnel

This requirement extends to the terminal units by the patient bed and is covered in the Equipment service.

Healthcare institutions typically have 100s of certified medical devices such as flow meters, regulators, demand valves and suction devices which connect to the pipeline system. These should also be recorded, inspected, and maintained on a regular basis in line with the components of the MGPS.

Appropriate testing and inspection as well as routine maintenance of these devices is very important to ensure patient safety and the correct functioning of items that are routinely used to deliver gaseous drugs to patients.

Manufacturer’s instructions will typically state that devices whilst being checked by the user each time they are used should also undergo an annual test and inspection by a suitably qualified person.

BOC Healthcare recognises the importance of the management and maintenance of these devices, and the difficulties institutions may have in dedicating staff and time to carrying out this work routinely. In the portfolio of Medical Engineering Services, Equipment Services provides customers with solutions so they may utilise the latest devices that are all appropriately managed and inspected over a contract period and to also provide solutions for those hospitals looking for a more efficient way to manage the devices they currently own.

Three options are available to ensure all devices used to deliver gaseous drugs are fully maintained in correct working order:

Inspection Test and Maintenance Services

A similar service to Equipment Service whereby all devices are recorded and part of a preventative maintenance program. A Planned Preventative Maintenance scheme generally consists of several routine visits per year by a trained and certified technician (CP- Competent Person as defined in ISO standards). All devices are tested and recorded to be in working order in accordance with specifications. A contract can also be extended to include spare parts, consumables, and emergency 24hr call outs.

Device sales and payment plans

BOC Healthcare work with the industry’s leading suppliers to provide the best certified devices for suction and oxygen therapy (SOT) use. As well as simple sales, it is possible to agree a payment plan to help reduce the capital expenditure. With flexible terms and the possibility to link a contract to an annual test and inspection service it is possible for customers to select the service and payment plan that is most suitable to them.

Managed Equipment Service

A fully integrated service to provide hospitals with use of the latest devices for SOT (Suction and oxygen therapy) without a large capital outlay. The service includes full responsibility for co-ordinating, managing and providing the routine servicing and maintenance for all SOT devices.

  • Installation of brand-new devices at start of service contract
  • Product familiarisation training provided to customers during installation
  • Annual or monthly payment plan
  • Varying contract term length depending upon products and customers choice
  • Key spares and consumables held at customer site, available for immediate use in the event of breakages / malfunction / additional requirements
  • Full maintenance and servicing are included
  • Detailed serial number records maintained: Location, detailed product description, maintenance history, maintenance due dates
  • Items marked with inspection / service due dates
  • Provision of auditable records
  • Minimal disruption to ward staff regarding changeover of devices during servicing is maintained
  • Flexible agreement allows further items / areas to be added as customer requirements may change.

Key benefits

  • Managed Equipment Service significantly removes the need for a large upfront capital expenditure requirement to purchase new devices for a quality upgrade
  • Managed Equipment Service ensures that the customer will be using devices that are fully inspected and maintained in line with manufacturers recommendations and relevant legislation
  • Managed Equipment Service reduces the time spent by hospital staff managing the equipment portfolio, arranging to return items for repair / service, conducting servicing / repairs in-house
  • Managed Equipment Service allows a standardisation and upgrade to the latest versions of devices
  • Managed Equipment Service reduces the risk exposure by having a fully serviced fleet of SOT devices.


Any nurse, dentist or doctor that plugs a device into a terminal unit or uses a medical gas cylinder is using the MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System). International and national standards supported by statutory duties require in these circumstances that all staff are properly trained and qualified to ensure that the devices are operated in a safe manner. A formal training program at regular intervals must be in operation. See our training page for BOC Healthcare’s extensive services in this area.

Risk Assessment

Are the appropriate devices being used? Is the pipeline system adequate for these devices? Is suitable monitoring and control in place? All these and more should be addressed by a formal risk assessment of the hospital’s procedures and an action plan then implemented to reduce risks thus identified.

Medical Device Services Fact Sheet