Gas & Oil Analysis

A build-up of contaminants within a refrigeration system can reduce the thermodynamic efficiency and increase your business costs.

Contamination build-up can eventually cause a major plant breakdown, resulting in inevitable damage-repair and lost production.

BOC offers full screening of both the refrigerant and oils to evaluate the system's performance against its optimum levels.

Combined analysis

Contractors often order an oil analysis to assess the condition of a compressor: however, oil analysis on its own is not always adequate.

A more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of a system is obtained if the refrigerant is analysed in conjunction with the oil.

Contamination levels

The typical range of problems we identify includes burn-out contamination, excess oil, excess non-condensables, excess moisture, rust and chemical contamination.

A build-up of any of these contaminants will reduce the thermodynamic efficiency of the plant and increase costs through reduced output or additional energy consumption.

Contaminant build-up can also lead to major plant breakdown which is costly due to damage-repair, replacement and lost production.

Analysis and results

BOC provides containers for site engineers to take laboratory samples.

  • our simple health check will identify early symptoms of contamination, prompting remedial action before the damage becomes severe
  • on receipt of samples, results can be available within three days
  • an overall health check of the system performance will be provided in the form of a chemist's interpretative written report
  • our analysis team can also provide specific recommendations on the necessary adjustments required to improve system performance, and on any problematic areas which have been identified within the system which could potentially cause system failures
  • if significant contamination is detected, we have a variety of services available to substantially reduce the levels and improve system performance