Performance Monitoring

BOC can monitor your system's thermodynamic performance using software and sensors to capture data, either in periodic snapshots or in real time.

Post-rectification health-checks

Over time, the efficiency of refrigeration plants will inevitably reduce, thereby increasing running costs per unit of output.

In order to avoid the original problems recurring, our service is aimed at improving and maintaining system performance through a series of regular post-rectification health checks.

We monitor performance using patented software to capture periodic or real-time performance and feed the data through to the BOC Customer Control Centre.

Periodic fluid analysis is produced in different formats of diagnostic reporting.  We can recommend remedial action as soon as the performance levels warrant it.

This process results in increased efficiency and improved system performance, delivering tangible savings from reduced fuel and total operating costs.  In addition you will benefit from lower environmental impact and reduced potential for problems developing in the future.

You will enjoy a high level of confidence in your system performance and trouble-free cooling, chilling or freezing in addition to improved production planning accuracy.