Rapid Recovery

This service brings BOC's compact, high speed refrigerant recovery equipment directly to your site where it will be operated by our qualified personnel, requiring no customer assistance.

Benefits and use

BOC's high-speed recovery service is the fast, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to all your refrigerant recovery requirements.

The equipment is portable and compact and can recover refrigerant up to ten times faster than standard recovery equipment.
Rapid recovery equipment can be used for:

  • system decommissioning
  • de-gassing for routine maintenance
  • emergency maintenance
  • recharging
  • gas change or retrofit

This service offers speed, safety and environmental benefits.  A reduction in downtime minimises production loss - with major cost savings for you.

The deep vacuum maximises refrigerant recovery and reduces emissions.

Entrusting your refrigerant recovery to BOC ensures all waste is being properly managed in accordance with regulations, and reduced handling means emissions are minimised.

Examples of rapid recovery

  • air separation unit shutdown in South Wales to repair a damaged valve on the system receiver
  • recovery of system charge in a matter of hours to allow a new water chiller to be fitted at chocolate factory
  • removal and disposal of refrigerant from supermarket distribution centres as part of decommissioning projects
  • temporary removal of R134a from a storage tank at the Mini factory to allow its periodic insurance inspection