System Rectification

BOC offers solutions to restore your system to its optimum operational performance.

BOC brings its patented Hudson Technology* to your site.

A self contained, compact and portable high-speed decontamination unit, it will fit through any standard doorway.

If uninterrupted production or cooling is essential, our equipment can function in-line, avoiding costly system shut-downs.

Off-line decontamination will return you to full operational capacity in the shortest possible time.

We purify the refrigerant, separate out the oil, remove moisture, non-condensables, and any other potentially damaging particulates, and then restore your refrigerant and oil levels.

An evaluation will then compare the pre- and post-rectification performance levels.

You will be amazed at the results we can achieve in such a short time.

How it works

  • the Hudson Technology* operates on-line with no need for shutdown or downtime
  • this patented technique uses distillation, not filtration
  • the technology operates at high process speeds, in excess of 2000kg/hour
  • the process removes excess oil and other contaminants, so that the system only contains refrigerant
  • you will then be given an accurate measurement of the system charge size, and the amount required to top up

The Hudson Technology* distils the refrigerant at high speed due to its unique design, removing oil and other contaminants.

To remove moisture, a 'superdrier' is attached to the outlet. This is a custom-made drier which can absorb over 10 litres of water, about a thousand times more than a typical system filter.

To remove non-condensable gases our portable NCG Purger separates air, nitrogen and other gases with little or no loss of refrigerant.

Off-line rectification

In a single pass the refrigerant coming from the outlet of the drier is close to or within virgin product specification.  This enables us to clean your refrigerant off-line by transfer from one vessel to another.

On-line rectification

The Hudson Technology* operates over a wide range of inlet temperatures and pressures, enabling on-line system cleaning.  The refrigerant is circulated until it is clean and dry.

With regular sampling and on-line moisture measurement, you can see the difference as the process runs.


Simply replacing the system charge takes out dirty refrigerant, but oil can be found coating vessels and pipework, causing the new charge to become contaminated.

One of the great benefits of the BOC Hudson Technology* is the ability to flush out evaporators, receivers, lines and surge drums with liquid refrigerant, washing oil and contaminants out.

Examples of satisfied customers

  • an air separation plant in South Wales - restored system performance through off-line clean-up saved five-figure amounts in electricity bills and allowed greater production
  • leading chocolate factory - removed excess moisture on-line following a failed water chiller, with no stoppage in production
  • major petrochemical plant - on-line clean-up at -40ºC after a failed compressor seal, allowing the unit to continue operating until the planned shutdown period
  • fishing trawler - clean-up following seawater entering the chiller from a failed condenser, allowing the system to restart and the vessel to leave port the following day

Summary benefits

  • high speed on-line
  • minimise down-time
  • no interruption to production
  • increased production capacity
  • increased energy efficiency
  • reduced running costs
  • improved reliability
  • no refrigerant losses (environmentally-friendly recycling programme)