ADDvance® Laser230

Optimising process reliability and productivity in laser powder bed fusion

ADDvance Laser230 is a bespoke gas mixture that we developed specifically to optimise printing outcomes in laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) additive manufacturing (AM) processes. It speaks to L-PBF manufacturers keen to increase the reliability and lower the cost per part of this advanced AM process.
Many variables affect the quality of the final part in L-PBF printing. These include the melting behaviour of the powder, which can also impact the speed at which it is produced and the resulting by-products and fumes. Fumes, for instance, compromise reproducibility by disturbing the laser beam. By-products can deposit on parts printed in close proximity and raise the need for post-processing. Argon is typically used to reduce the risk of surface redeposition. 
The ADDvance Laser230 process gas combines argon with helium to take L-PBF reliability and reproducibility to the next level. It reduces particle redeposition and porosity and the resulting rework efforts, also mitigating fume formation and accelerating cycle times. It is ideal for additive manufacturing of lattice structures made from titanium, nickel and aluminium alloys (such as Ti64, Inconel 718 and AlSi10Mg).

  • Minimal formation of by-products for smoother surfaces (e.g. 35% drop in hot spatter redeposition on Ti64 lattice structures)
  • Reduced particle redeposition for fewer internal defects and lower risk of interference across high-quality parts printed in proximity
  • Less post-processing effort due to smoother surfaces 
  • Ease of part qualification 
  • Less fume formation and laser disturbance for greater reproducibility (e.g. 70% less porosity on Ti64 lattice structures)
  • Accelerated print times (with up to 10% rise in productivity on Ti64 lattice structures)
  • One-stop service with plug-and-play deployment 
  • Works with all standard 3D printers
  • Special productivity parameters available on demand
  • Flexible choice of gas supply modes with pre-mixing or on-site mixing options. 

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