ADDvance® Powder Cabinet

The perfect way to store additive manufacturing powders

Just as the choice of gas greatly influences the microstructure and physical properties of the metal powder essential for powder bed processes in additive manufacturing, so does the handling and storage atmosphere. The new ADDvance Powder Cabinet for AM metal powder helps to retain the quality of metal powders by protecting the sensitive substance against ambient air and humidity, making it less prone to contamination and degrading of material and at the same time improving safety for operators.

Hermetically shielding AM metal powder 

Given the significance of the metal powder feedstock, proper and precise control and handling of the metal powders is not to be underestimated. Metal powders unshielded from the ambient atmosphere can take up humidity and oxidise due to the oxygen present in the environment. This leads to an overall lowering of product quality. Material degradation is almost impossible to correct within the AM/3D printing processes and can lead to the costly wasting of powder or worse, the time-consuming and expensive need to rework.

Taking metal powder storage to the next level

The ADDvance Powder Cabinet is taking metal powder storage technology to the next level. It provides excellent environmental/atmospheric control by not only hermetically shielding the AM metal powder from environmental contamination hazards, but also by constantly measuring and correcting the moisture level in the storage cabinet. Instead of flooding the storage atmosphere with clean gas as common metal powder containers do, only the exact amount of gas needed is used. This technical improvement provides our customers with the latest in analytical and controlling technology, saving precious resources and reducing costly post-processing to a minimum.

Benefits at a glance

  • Consistent and specified powder quality thanks to sophisticated atmospheric analysing/controlling technology
  • Extended storage time (floor life)
  • Easy handling, most efficient and customised gas supply
  • Providing proper safety for operators.

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