SOLVOX dropin

On-demand oxygenation solution for sea cages

SOLVOX® dropin is a new, easy-to-deploy and highly efficient solution for the oxygenation of sea cages. It is suited to both continuous oxygenation schemes and short-term applications such as de-licing or medical treatments.

This innovative, patent-pending oxygenation solution comprises a submersible pump plus a patented oxygen dissolver and distribution system featuring a venturi nozzle. Using a small crane, SOLVOX dropin is easily lowered into the water to the desired depth. It works by sucking water into the lower part of the dropped-in unit and mixing it with oxygen.


SOLVOX dropin is designed for easy handling and operation, making it ideal for de-licing treatments in closed sea cages. It eliminates the hassle involved in dragging perforated hoses across the cage floor, also increasing oxygenation efficiency thanks to its innovative dissolver and distribution system.

Advantages of SOLVOX dropin

  • Compact design for ease of handling
  • Reduced resource and installation requirements
  • Time savings with simple drop-in deployment
  • Optimised oxygenation with improved residence and distribution of microbubbles
  • Calmer behaviour to be observed among fish during de-licing treatment
SOLVOX dropin data sheet