SOLVOX streamline flow distributor

Creating a better tank environment and improving the well-being of fish

SOLVOX® streamline flow distributor ensures that oxygenated water is evenly distributed throughout the fish tank’s water volume. It is designed to achieve an optimal circulation speed in the tank, depending on the fish species and fish size.

SOLVOX streamline flow distributor creates an even pushing force in the water column in the tank, providing effective self-cleaning of waste such as excess feed and excrement.

SOLVOX streamline flow distributor has a built-in water flow indicator so that you always know how much water is going into the tank.

Recycling channels are built into the aerator to allow undissolved oxygen to be recycled. The aerator can be rotated around its own axis to allow the direction and velocity of flow in the tank to be adjusted.

SOLVOX streamline flow distributor is frequently installed with SOLVOX venturi to provide an optimum oxygenation and oxygen distribution solution.

SOLVOX® Stream
SOLVOX streamline flow distributor installed in a tank


  • Optimal tank hydraulics and good oxygen exploitation
  • Even distribution of fish throughout the entire tank
  • Recycles undissolved oxygen
  • Water flow indicator
  • Revolving turret provides correct flow direction and speed
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Specially designed for each individual tank
  • Can be used in both freshwater and seawater installations
  • Effectively removes waste and provides a good level of self-cleaning
SOLVOX streamline data sheet