CGM Convective Glass Melting

A roof mounted oxy-fuel burner technology aimed at improving heat transfer rates.

Over the years, we have been working to increase the efficiency of combustion in a glass furnace using oxygen. Originally, this involved enriching the main combustion air with oxygen. We have refined this process leading to our CGM® Convective Glass Melting technology.

BOC’s CGM technology is a roof mounted oxy-fuel burner technology aimed at improving the melting performances of furnaces, leading to higher combustion efficiency and thus more throughput.

Typical Customer Profile

Glass manufacturers requiring additional glass production due to:

  • Increased orders
  • Furnace design restrictions
  • Failing regenerators

Key Customer Benefits

  • Increased melt rates allows for increased production rates and/or better quality
  • Crown burners allow for greater oxy-fuel boosting compared to conventional oxy-fuel
  • CGM is ideal for No-Boron Fibreglass melting, with customers drastically reducing raw material costs
  • Higher profit margin

Convective Glass Melting (CGM)