Lowering your NOx emissions while reducing your energy bill

COROX® LowNOx is a unique patent-pending fuel dilution and gas conditioning technology suited to both regenerative and recuperative endport glass furnaces. It employs special horizontal oxygen lances, which can be combined with oxyfuel burners, to create atmospheric conditions that result in substantially reduced NOx emissions. It can be fitted to new furnaces or easily added to existing facilities with minimal space requirements.


Process Innovation

COROX LowNOx works by injecting additional oxygen into the furnace through high-pressure lances. This creates a more intense, directional flue gas recirculation effect within the furnace. As a result, the main air/gas burner system produces a diluted, staged combustion process. Fuel dilution leads to a more homogenous flame and a reduced flame temperature. As the flame temperature has a direct impact on NOx levels, this lowers emissions significantly. A lower flame temperature also reduces the concentration of hydrocarbon radicals in the furnace, thereby limiting NOx formation. In addition, an improved heat transfer rate shortens the window during which NOx can form.

You can combine oxygen lances with oxyfuel burners to reduce NOx emissions even further or increase your melting capacity by 5-15% while keeping your NOx emissions within a 500-800 mg/Nm³ corridor to comply with the upcoming EU 500 mg/Nm³ threshold.


  • NOx emissions down by as much as 65% to comply with the new European threshold of 500 mg/Nm³>
  • Energy consumption down by between 3 and 5%
  • Consistently high glass quality (e.g. no shift in T-profile, stable CO concentration)
  • Furnace capacity increased by 5-15%
  • Low up-front investment and operating costs

To maximise your return on investment, we will analyse your individual requirements and engineer a package tailored to your specific furnace and productivity needs. Our COROX LowNOx experts will support you every step of the way – from the initial consultation through installation of oxygen lance technology and oxyfuel burners to fine-tuning your control equipment.

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