Vapour Emission Control

CIRRUS® VEC is a modular, flexible, compact and efficient air-treatment solution

CIRRUS ® VEC comes in three different sizes (handling flow rates up to 1500 Nm³/h) to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

To ensure fast deployment, each CIRRUS VEC module features its own control system and is delivered pre-assembled and pre-tested. The units comply with all relevant EU directives (including LVD 73/23/EEG, 93/68/EEG, EMC 89/336/EEG, 92/31/EEG, 93/68/EEG, PED 97/23/EC).

Vapour Emission Control

Flexible Design

CIRRUS VEC modules are suited to both batch and continuous processing applications. They support intermittent operation and varying flow rates. A broad operating range also allows greater flexibility to adapt quickly to changing plant conditions. Emission levels can be reduced by lowering the condensation temperature setpoint. The CIRRUS VEC system can be easily expanded by simply adding a new module. A broad range of optional extras enables you to tailor each module to your exact requirements.

CIRRUS VEC options include:

  • Condensate tanks for removing condensed volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Bypass system to handle peak conditions and enhance safety
  • Outlet process gas valves and inlet liquid nitrogen (LIN) valves for continuous VOC abatement capability.
We support all steps in the project management cycle, from planning to installation and start up. We also offer gas supply and after sales support. In addition, customers have the option of participating in test runs at our pilot plant or conducting tests at their own site.


  • For batch or continuous process
  • Reliability - few moving parts
  • Very low power consumption
  • No secondary waste streams
  • Recycle recovered solvents
  • Fast response - modular equipment
  • Compact - small footprint
  • Flexible commercial options
  • Process modelling capability

CIRRUS M50 for Low Flow Rates

Nominal cooling capacity: 6 kW
Nominal flow rate: 50 Nm³/h
Length: 1.2 m
Width: 0.8 m
Height: 2.8 m

CIRRUS M150 for Higher Flow Rates

Nominal cooling capacity: 25 kW
Nominal flow rate: 150 Nm³/h
Length: 1.2 m
Width: 0.8 m
Height: 3.4 m

CIRRUS M500 for High-Volume Throughput

Nominal cooling capacity: 75 kW
Nominal flow rate: 500 Nm³/h
Length: 1.6 m
Width: 1.2 m
Height: 4.3 m

CIRRUS M50 for Low Flow Rates
CIRRUS M150 for Higher Flow Rates
CIRRUS M500 for High-Volume Throughput