PLASTINUM Dynamic Temperature Control with CO₂

Using carbon dioxide to enable fast heating and cooling of smaller surfaces

Dynamic temperature control of moulds or certain areas of the mould is becoming increasingly popular because it enables the production of high-quality surfaces. By actively heating the mould surface or parts of it, dynamic temperature control can eliminate joint lines or produce a high gloss finish, for example.

Our PLASTINUM® Dynamic Temperature Control solution increases the efficiency of dynamic injection moulding by using carbon dioxide both for heating and cooling. This allows operators to minimise cycle times by installing the heating and cooling channels in close proximity to the mould surface. The compact design is particularly interesting for small and complex mould inserts, translating into cost and environmental benefits.

Closed gas cycle

Before the plastic melt is injected, hot gaseous CO2 flows through tiny channels and heats up the mould. At temperatures of 300°C or higher and at defined pressures, CO2 offers excellent heat transfer properties for effective heating of the mould. The CO2 circulates in a closed system with a high-performance heater.

When the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, liquid CO2 – supplied from cylinders or bulk tanks – is injected into the same channels in order to quickly cool the part. The expansion to atmospheric pressure generates a mixture of CO2 snow and gas, resulting in highly effective cooling action, with the CO2 removing heat from the mould and releasing it to the atmosphere.

 CO2 temperature control and other control unit
Temperature control unit for CO2


  • High cooling and heating rates
  • Heating/cooling of narrow mould sections with complex geometries
  • Same medium for cooling and heating
  • Same channels for heating and cooling
  • Only one heating/cooling system to be incorporated into the mould
  • Minimised amount of mould steel involved in heating/cooling
  • No deposits or clogging in tempering ducts
  • Completely dry process – no humidity in the system

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