Cryogenic Storage Vessels

BOC offers a wide range of cryogenic storage vessels for rent or sale

A range of different sized cryogenic storage vessels from BOC CRYOSPEED
Vessels come in a range of sizes, pressures and flow rates to meet customers' varying requirements

Available for nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide these vessels are designed to ensure a continuous supply of either liquid or gas whilst minimising product evaporation. 

The location where the vessels are to be located requires little in the way of preparation and can be situated within a suitable storage area or alternatively near the point of use.

Advantages of renting

  • Cryogenic vessels must be maintained and managed in line with the Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR), by a designated competent person
  • Renting a vessel means that the regulations are taken care of by BOC 
  • Routine maintenance and labour are included in the rental price, so there are no unexpected charges
  • Rental also means that there is increased flexibility if your product demand changes and a different-sized vessel is required.

Remote monitoring through CRYOSPEED Telemetry

CRYOSPEED can provide you with a state-of-the-art telemetry system that allows real-time remote monitoring of liquid levels. The system is compatible with most existing CRYOSPEED supply vessels and is straightforward to install.

More about CRYOSPEED Telemetry

Customer-owned vessels

Some customers prefer to buy their cryogenic vessel outright. 

  • BOC has an approved range available to suit most volume, flow and pressure requirements 
  • BOC will fill customer-owned vessels, where the customer can demonstrate that they are properly maintained
  • If customers decide that they do not wish to undertake the responsibilities of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations themselves, BOC offers maintenance packages for vessels and other pressure systems.

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