On-Site DryStore Refrigerators

DryStore refrigerators offer exceptional sample security and operator safety as the storage area is completely free of liquid nitrogen

The DryStore refrigerator range

The liquid nitrogen is housed in a jacket that surrounds the chamber which means that temperature performance down to – 190°C can be achieved whilst maintaining a large lid for easy access.

A turnkey offer to cryopreservation, only from BOC

If you are building a new cryopreservation facility, turn to BOC. As well as offering state-of-the-art DryStore cryopreservation units, we design and install bulk and mini-bulk liquid nitrogen storage and distribution systems. We also provide a suite of oxygen monitoring and emergency response equipment so that you know your facility is a safe place to work from day one.

Eliminate the contamination risks associated with liquid nitrogen

We have created a truly dry system by housing liquid nitrogen within a thermal jacket that surrounds the DryStore chamber. With the correct operation, there is no risk of cross-contamination through liquid nitrogen contact.

Simple to use, safe to operate

Internal temperatures down to -190 °C are achieved with excellent uniformity. The wide chamber neck allows safe, easy access, without compromising the safety of your samples.

Medical devices directive

Where cryogenic refrigerators are used to store blood or body fluids for eventual administration, the Medical Devices Directive (Directive 93/42/EEC) Class IIa applies. Fully compliant refrigerators are available featuring all the benefits of the DryStore range.

Liquid nitrogen fills

The DryStore electronics allow for manual or fully-automated liquid nitrogen top-ups and have been designed to operate with both bulk nitrogen systems and small, portable vessels. Clear system monitoring is provided at all times with full backup features.

Enhanced monitoring & display

A graphical display gives a clear and instant indication of the DryStore status. Additional features allow the system to be checked remotely to check on the status of your samples minute by minute using any PC, giving a complete history of chamber conditions.

In many applications, a full record of a sample's history is vital in order to ensure viability, so a complete audit trail should always be available. When this level of rigour is required, Drystore is the perfect solution.

Drystore continuously monitors its liquid nitrogen levels and tops up automatically when required. DryStore can also be configured to fill at certain times each day in order to fit with existing distribution systems. Manual filling is possible through simple stop/start switches.

The unique DryStore software is compatible with most other cryogenic refrigerators.

Hassle-free installation

Experts in cryogenic systems, with over thirty years of industry experience, BOC Cryospeed offer a complete system installation service. We can design and install liquid nitrogen storage and distribution systems, plus oxygen monitoring and emergency response equipment, giving a complete turnkey solution for cryopreservation.

Technical Data

2ml vials Blood bags (250ml & 500ml) Blood bags (750ml) Straw storage (goblets per system) Pall bag storage (cassettes per system)
DryStore 8 7644 90 60 105 432
DryStore 12 12064 150 100 185 702
DryStore 23 23400 510 340 390 1620
DryStore 50 48375 810 560 726 3402

External Usable Internal Liquid Nitrogen
Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Capacity (L)
DryStore 8 1175 539 714 765 416 33
DryStore 12 1223 641 800 765 535 44
DryStore 23 1210 921 1070 760 787 74
DryStore 50 1445 1210 1425 870 1016 136

Monitoring Electronics & Display

It is important to know the temperature of your samples, not the temperature of the chamber wall, but cryogenic systems measure temperature in different ways. DryStore is designed to give the clearest picture of storage temperature performance by placing the temperature probe at the top of system, not the coldest part, and thermally insulating it from the chamber wall.

The DryStore monitoring and display interface couples ease-of-use with state-of-the-art monitoring and control.


  • Large LCD Display showing clear level & temperature indication
  • Graphic representation of liquid level
  • Graphic representation of vent & fill valves
  • Textual status indications of alarm indications
  • Confidence graphical heartbeat
  • Proximity switches for fill/stop & reset
  • Date & time of last fill & duration.


In many applications, a full record of a sample’s history is vital so that its viability can be assured and a complete audit trail is always available. When this level of rigour is required, DryStore is the perfect solution.

Data capture software has been designed especially for DryStore and records the status history of your refrigerator direct to your PC. The software can also be configured to enable remote monitoring of your DryStore’s performance, via the internet.

Data logged every 1 minute:

  • Liquid nitrogen level
  • Temperature
  • All alarms
  • Vessel filling

Supplied on a CD with a licence for 10 refrigerators, the program can be used to log and recall data from up to 64 units (additional licences available) and is also compatible with some other makes of refrigerator. You can therefore use your DryStore software with existing cryopreservation units. 

DryCare Service Packages

Peace of mind doesn't come from choosing the right refrigeration system alone. In addition to a three-year conditional warranty, BOC Cryospeed offers DryCare service packages to keep things running smoothly 24/7. 

The one-off health check gives your system a yearly inspection, or couple this with guaranteed response times as part of an annual service package.

DryCare Annual Service Contract

For the security you need, we couple an annual health check visit from one of our DryStore engineers with the knowledge that help is always on its way if it is needed, guaranteed.


  • Guaranteed response times
  • Annual system health check (mechanical and electronic tests in situ)
  • Telephone support 24/7 for critical situations
  • Preferential rates on call-out charges (outside of included health check).

One-off Health Check

If you do not have a DryCare service contract, but still require a complete system health check, this is still available for a one-off charge. This includes mechanical and electronic tests performed in situ, with a call-out report provided.

Outside the DryCare service contract, a premium emergency call out is available, but response times are only guaranteed within DryCare. 

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