Gas Equipment Advice

BOC can supply you with plenty of advice regarding the safe use of gas control equipment

Gas Equipment Advice


When a pressure regulator is fitted with pressure gauges, these should never be removed, exchanged or tampered with in any way. If a gauge leaks, take the whole pressure regulator to your supplier.

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Right colour, right quality

Use only hoses to British Standard BS5120 or the new European Standard EN559:

  • blue for oxygen
  • red for acetylene or hydrogen
  • orange for propane/LPG and black for inert gases such as nitrogen
Use only the best quality hose as supplied by BOC. Inferior hoses harden and may later crack, leak or catch fire internally when subject to oxygen.

Never use water hose.

Right connection

  • BOC fitted hose is supplied with the ends firmly attached to nipples, with loose nuts for connection to regulator outlets and blowpipe inlets
  • never use old or second-hand clips for hose connections
  • twisted wire can cause serious injury if the hose works loose and flails about
  • inferior hose connection is a frequent cause of accidents
  • check connections regularly
  • always purge hoses before lighting a cutting or welding torch
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When using oxy-fuel gas equipment, flashbacks can occur due to:

  • recommended pressures and procedures not being observed
  • nozzle blockage
  • faulty or leaking equipment

Hose check valve

One of the main causes of flashback is backfeeding.  This occurs when higher pressure gas feeds back up a lower pressure stream. Hose check valves prevent backfeeding.

Hose check valves are already fitted to hose supplied from BOC for oxygen, acetylene and propane applications.

Flashback arrestors

A flashback arrestor is a device designed to quench flashback.  When incorporated with a cut-off valve it will automatically shut off the gas flow.

Flashback arrestors provide an additional safeguard, particularly in locations where a fire would be particularly dangerous, such as hospitals, garages, and workplaces with flammable or hazardous chemicals.

Flashback arrestors should be fitted to all fuel gas supply lines and to oxygen supply lines when they are used in conjunction with fuel gases.

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Hose length

  • do not use hose of longer length than necessary
  • never couple two or more standard lengths together
  • each hose must be long enough to allow the cylinders to be safely positioned away from flying sparks and hot metal
  • hoses should not be positioned underneath the cutting/welding area where discarded pieces of hot metal could fall on them
  • if a long hose assembly is necessary for a special task, use only recommended couplings and dismantle them when the job is complete
  • ensure that the operator can always reach the cylinders without delay, so that he can close the cylinder valves quickly in an emergency

Hose condition

Never use damaged hose.

Hoses with tears, burns, fraying or cuts should be replaced with new industry-approved fitted hose to the standard BS EN 1256.

Personal safety wear

  • when welding or cutting, always use goggles with double lenses (carrying the CE mark) to protect your eyes against glare and mechanical impact from flying fragments
  • the inner lens should be tinted and the outer lens clear
  • the clear outer lenses should be changed regularly when spatter builds up
  • it is advisable to wear eye protection (spectacles or goggles carrying the CE mark) when handling high pressure gases to protect the eyes against flying dust particles or the impact of the gas stream
  • do not wear clothes made of highly flammable materials
  • leather gloves or gauntlets should be used when necessary
  • in awkward work locations additional protective clothing may be required
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