Gas Cylinder-Fuelled Fork Lift Trucks

Troubleshooting for those using fork lift truck cylinders

Gas Cylinder-Fuelled Fork Lift Trucks

Fork lift truck cylinders are fitted with excess flow valves. This is a safety device which is designed to shut off the gas when excessive flows are detected, as a safety feature.

On occasion, and when the cylinder valve is opened too quickly or clumsily, the excess flow valve can be activated, resulting in no gas flowing to the engine of the FLT.

To prevent this, the valve should be opened slowly. If the excess flow valve has already activated, close the valve to stop the gas flow, wait for approximately 15 seconds, to allow the excess flow valve to reset and then slowly open the valve again.

Fork lift truck cylinders are fitted with an internal dip tube to extract the liquified gas from the cylinder. The correct positioning of the cylinder when fitted to the truck is therefore important to ensure a constant flow of gas to the FLT.

In the event that no gas is flowing from the cylinder ensure that the cylinder is fitted in the correct position. The cylinder should be in a horizontal position with the valve outlet and the arrow on the base of the cylinder pointing downwards.

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