SOLVOX Oxystream

A low-pressure oxygenation system for sea water, brackish water and fresh water tanks

The system is a patented all-in-one product that oxygenates the water and evenly distributes it using an adjustable flow regime in the fish tank. SOLVOX® Oxystream includes a water flow indicator that provides the user with an overview of the water flow into each tank.

The microbubbles created by SOLVOX Oxystream reduce the concentration of dissolved nitrogen and the total gas pressure of the water. Due to this beneficial effect, external degassing units have become obsolete in many cases. SOLVOX Oxystream achieves maximum effect beginning at about 15 % salinity and requires a pressure of only 0.05–0.2 bar to oxygenate the water, strip nitrogen and create optimal tank hydrodynamics for fish production. The low-pressure requirement makes the system very energy-efficient.

In freshwater installations, SOLVOX Oxystream, combined with SOLVOX cone or comparable pressure dissolvers, can oxygenate the water to a greater level and ensure that even very high oxygen demands can be consistently satisfied.

SOLVOX® OxyStream


  • High oxygenation efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Optimised tank hydrodynamics
  • Reduced nitrogen and improved total gas pressure
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Produced from non-corrosive plastic material - suitable for saline water
  • Water flow indicator for quantitative overview of water flow into each tank
  • Easy retrofit into existing tanks
  • Can be combined directly with fish tank-mounted CO2 degassing systems
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Flexible bulk supply schemes to suit individual needs
SOLVOX oxystream data sheet