CRYOLINE CF Cabinet Freezer

The CRYOLINE® CF cabinet freezer has a range of features making use of the latest in control and manufacturing technology.

CRYOLINE CF Cabinet Freezer

It is designed for batch freezing and chilling processes where an inline system is not appropriate. The cabinet freezer is especially useful for freezing and chilling prepared foods, bakery products, seafood and meat products, large-size products and products requiring long retention times.

The CRYOLINE CF can also be used to store frozen or chilled products.

There are two standard models, the CRYOLINE CF-Single and the CRYOLINE CF-Twin which features fans on both sides of the cabinet. The Twin unit gives faster and more even freezing for more demanding products, whilst the standard unit has fans just on one side of the cabinet and is used for more standard jobs.

Process overview

The freezer has been designed with the possibility for a high level of control and features. With 10 recipe settings it allows for semi-automatic operation. To ensure good repeat ability and efficient freezing, the freezer is equipped with probes, which can measure both core and surface temperatures of the product. Each freezer is equipped with both optical and acoustic signals for warnings, as well as a display of the temperature curve. For remote control or data download, an RS485 serial port is also included.

Typical products
- Meat patties
- Whole fish or fish fillets
- Pies
- Pastries
- Pizza
- Ready made dishes

Features and benefits

The CRYOLINE CF can be used with either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, giving greater flexibility in applications. The introduction of the gas is controlled via regulated electromagnetic valves ensuring the efficient use of the available cold.

Other benefits:

Large capacities can be accommodated by joining 2 units together with cold gas transfer between them, enabling optimal refrigerant application.

Standard features

The CRYOLINE CF has been designed with ease of operation and installation in mind:

  • The freezer can be lifted by fork-lift or by crane using the integral lifting eyes.
  • There is a built-in flange on the top of the unit for mounting the exhaust duct.
  • It is prepared for integrated oxygen control as a safety measure.
  • It is also ready for a signal to enable external control.
  • All-stainless steel hinges and locks.
  • Adjustable fan speed via frequency converters.
  • Complies with European Machinery Directive and stamped CE.

Optional extras

  • Data collection to a PC with batch number for security and batch control.
  • Trolley
  • External signals
  • Oxygen control for the production room
  • Exhaust fan
  • Heatable temperature probe for easy removal of the probe from the product
  • Increased floor thickness to reduce the possibility of floor freezing
  • Special sizes
  • Reversed option available.

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