CRYOLINE MT Cryogenic Tunnel Freezer

The new CRYOLINE® MT is a multi-purpose, cryogenic tunnel freezer of outstanding quality, flexibility and efficiency.

CRYOLINE MT Cryogenic Tunnel Freezer

Adjustable, high-speed internal fans, controllable gas injection and exhaust levels optimise the application of cryogenic gases for food cooling and freezing. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a high-quality hygienic design, CRYOLINE MT tunnel freezers are easy to operate, easy to clean and suitable for a wide range of product types.

Each model is available with or without in-feed table for manual or mechanical feeding.

Process overview

With specially designed fans capable of very high heat transfer and efficient refrigerant spraying, the CRYOLINE MT, provides a high capacity solution for freezing or cooling a wide range of products and within a small footprint. The very low operating temperatures of liquid nitrogen (LIN) ensure an extremely fast freezing action.

This helps to maintain the quality and shape of the food products and keeps moisture losses to a minimum, maximising yield.

Typical products - Meat - Fish - Seafood - Dairy - Bakery products

Features and benefits

  • Radical design with smooth surfaces all round thus avoiding collection of food and other debris.
  • Roof access allowing effective deep clean.
  • Highly efficient controllable fans to ensure maximum use of the cold gas.
  • Touch panel controls for ease of use.
  • Downloadable event recorder for traceability.
  • Available in three standard widths: 600, 1000 and 1250 mm.
  • Modular design to allow for expansion on site.
  • With or without in-feed table for manual or mechanical feeding

Standard features

The pre-assembled and pre-tested freezer is delivered with the following features:

  • Multi-language touch-screen control panel
  • Retention time control
  • Variable-speed circulation fans with automatic defrosting
  • Complies with European Machinery Directive and stamped CE
  • Variable-speed exhaust fan
  • Exhaust temperature measurement
  • Fully welded construction
  • Infeed table with curtain
  • Stainless-steel mesh belt
  • Adjustable height feet
  • Plug and play installation kit.

Optional extras

  • Model without infeed table for direct feeding
  • Co-current refrigerant flow
  • Different belt widths
  • Below-belt LIN injections
  • Several exhaust fan solutions
  • Additional product height capability
  • Oxygen measurement
  • Feeding belt
  • Remote diagnosis and services

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