CRYOLINE SC Super Contact Freezer

The CRYOLINE® SC cryogenic freezer is designed to process delicate, sticky and hard-to-handle products in an efficient and hygienic way.

CRYOLINE SC Super Contact Freezer

It uses a disposable plastic film which acts as the conveyor belt travelling through the freezing tunnel over cryogenically refrigerated plates. These plates operate at -196°C, rapidly and effectively freezing the contact surface of the product, while the tunnel environment is cryogenically cooled by liquid nitrogen to reduce the entire product temperature.

The consolidated features of this freezer technology deliver products free from belt marks and wrinkles which can be easily handled for further processing. Due to the nature of the belt, soft, wet or sticky products can be managed without product deformation or adhesion – even liquids can be frozen with ease. As the belt is disposable, the freezer can be quickly and efficiently cleaned at the end of production, minimising expensive delays.

Process overview

The CRYOLINE SC is a contact freezer which removes the heat from the product by contact with the cold plates. The gas generated by the vaporisation of the liquid nitrogen is then exhausted to the atmosphere.

As the temperature of the exhaust is controlled, the amount of cold extracted safely from the nitrogen can be optimised according to the production demands. High-speed fans circulate the cold gas atmosphere inside the tunnel and help to freeze the upper surface of the product.

Typical products

  • Small or diced product such as pizza topping
  • Flat fish
  • Marinated or wet products
  • Viscous fluids
  • Powdered products from hot processes i.e. gravy granules, chocolate powder
  • Premium quality products where belt markings may be an issue

Features and benefits

  • Handles soft, sticky or marinated products with ease, reducing handling and spoilage
  • Leaves no belt marks due to the plastic film belt
  • Does not deform products, giving better appearance and quality
  • It is easy to clean, as all parts are accessible, reducing cleaning time and improving hygiene
  • The gas control system optimises the use of the liquid nitrogen, ensuring high efficiency
  • High capacity in a small space, making optimum use of the available space
  • Low capital investment required
  • Easy to operate, very low possibility of operator errors
  • Due to the single-use film, different products can be processed without cleaning steps

Standard features

  • Heat transfer plates
  • Drive motor with variable speed control
  • Side mounted control panel with self-explanatory, easy-to-use controls, automatic gas-supply controller and temperature indicator
  • Compliance with European Machinery Directive and stamped CE
  • CFC-free polyurethane insulation with inner and outer stainless steel facing
  • Fully welded construction
  • Liquid nitrogen system with spray manifold and separate plate cooling system
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Low film alarm
The CRYOLINE SC cryogenic freezer comes in 2 standard widths of 750 mm and 1250 mm with the basic model having a useable length of 6 metres. It is modular, with the possibility of adding 3-metre tunnel sections to boost capacity, where required.

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