Dispense Gas Safety

BOC Sureserve are the experts in dispense gas safety and work continually towards improving safety standards, offering you safety assurance.

A pub, club or restaurant is not a particularly dangerous place compared to, say, an oil drilling rig, a construction site or a factory floor, but accidents can happen in any environment.

When it comes to safety, BOC Sureserve have a well-earned reputation as the industry's experts.

We are committed to working safely, continually. Safety is our top priority.

You will find lots of hints and tips here to help you with all aspects of safety:

  • how to protect your staff and yourself from injury or damage to health
  • gain advice and guidance on safe cylinder handling practices and procedures
  • understand and appreciate the dangers of gas leaks and how to deal with them safely

As an owner or manager you have a legal responsibility to make sure that your staff can work safely without risking injury or damage to health.

If you register with BOC Sureserve you can meet your legal responsibilities as we are on-hand to help you keep up-to-date with the latest safety and environmental health regulations such as:

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