Confined Spaces Regulations

Under the Confined Spaces Regulations, every employer or self-employed person is responsible for the health and safety of persons working in, or entering, a cellar area where dispense gas systems are used

Confined Spaces Regulations

Your responsibilities

For licensed premises, every owner or employer has a legal duty to:

  • undertake a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment of the specified risks. This must be carried out by a 'competent person' who has the necessary expertise and experience
  • identify and keep a record of the risk assessment findings and undertake a review at regular intervals
  • document and implement suitable precautionary measures to eliminate these risks
  • communicate to all staff the findings of the risk assessment
  • ensure all staff are trained in the relevant safety practices for handling gas dispense equipment and in the emergency procedures in the event of a gas leak
  • implement and maintain a suitable 'safe system of work'
  • if there are significant risks in your cellar you should restrict entry until you can take steps to provide a 'safe system of work'. The measures you take should deal specifically with the findings of the risk assessment for your cellar

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