Pressure System Safety Regulations

If a pressure system (such as a compressed gas cylinder) fails, the result can be an uncontrolled release of energy which can cause serious injuries.

Pressure System Safety Regulations

The overall intention of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work ( General Applications) Regulations 2007, part 9 pressure systems, is to prevent such a failure.

The regulations give legal support to existing safe practices so that, where existing units are in a safe condition, only minor changes should be necessary to satisfy the regulations.

Duties under the regulations

Normally the owner of a leased pressure system (such as BOC Sureserve) will carry out some of the duties in accordance with a written agreement.

These include ensuring that a suitable examination scheme is drawn up, that the system is certified by a competent person, and that any modifications are carried out according to recommendations.

The owner must also provide operating instructions, ensure that the system is properly maintained, and keep records.

Licensee's responsibilities

Your statutory duties are to ensure the pressure system is used according to the operating instructions.

You should not allow the system to be operated:

  • unless the safe operating limits have been established
  • after the date of the next due examination (you can find this date on the label)
  • if specified repairs or modifications have not been carried out by the date given in any examination report
  • if you receive an examination report from a competent person stating that there is imminent danger unless specified repairs and modifications or changes to the operating conditions are made
If you cease to be the licensee, you must hand all documents relating to the pressure system to your successor.

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